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Trademark Applications:


We offer a flat fee of just $950 to file a trademark application, inclusive of the government filing fee for a single class application. Our fee includes a consultation with an experienced trademark attorney that will discuss your business and your needs as well as conduct a routine casual search to assist in the discussion of whether or not it is even worth while filing the trademark application in the first place.





We’ve known other trademark sites and agents to blindly file applications for people without doing a simple one or two minute search that would have revealed an obviously conflicting mark. We won’t do that, and we won’t file any application without first having a constructive conversation that allows us to understand your business or proposed business, your needs, your current situation and your anticipated future situation.    


After your application has been filed, it will take a few months before the trademark office responds either letting you know your application has been approved for publication or not. If not, an office action is issued explaining why the application is not acceptable, giving the applicant 6 months to respond and convince the examining attorney otherwise.    


Sometimes the examining attorney has a simple question or requests a simple change before publication. Our fee includes responding to such informal or simple requests or questions from the Trademark Office’s examining attorney. For office actions involving substantive issues, we charge an hourly rate.  


A more exhaustive thorough common law search is available for a fee – but often times some clients intentionally forego that having gone through a well thought out cost benefit analysis.  


Trademark Litigation: 

We litigate as well as file trademark applications, and we love going to trial. We will fight for you all the way to the US Supreme Court if necessary. We’ve won millions of dollars in jury verdicts and settlements.  

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