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Trademark Filing  - $1250

We offer a flat fee of just $1250 to file a trademark application, inclusive of the government filing fee for a single class application. Our fee includes a consultation with an experienced trademark attorney that will discuss your business and your needs as well as conduct a routine casual search to assist in the discussion of whether or not it is even worth while filing the trademark application in the first place.

Complete Business Startup Package - $7450

This Package Is Everything One Needs to Get His Or Her Business Off The Ground, Protect One's Intellectual Property and Shield Oneself From Lawsuits.


The Startup Package includes:

  • General practical business startup advice and legal consultation

  • Corporate formation and advice on proper choice of business entity

  • Advice regarding the selection of a Trademark and the filing of a Trademark Application

  • Intellectual property assignment agreements for founders and employees

  • Copyright registration

  • Preparation of independent contractor agreement

  • NDA

  • Terms of Service

  • Privacy Statement

  • Intellectual property audit


We Will Work With You And Your Unique Goals To Determine If A Limited Liability Company, A Delaware Corporation, A California or Local Corporation in the State of Your Residence,  A Partnership Agreement, Or Something Else Altogether Is Best For Your Needs.


The corporate formation included in this Premium Startup Package further includes:

  • Counseling Client on entity formation

  • Corporate name search on Secretary of State website

  • Drafting of Articles of Incorporation

  • Filing of Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State

  • Counseling Client and drafting of Corporate Bylaws

  • Drafting of initial Board of Director resolutions

  • Drafting of initial Stockholder resolution electing Board

  • Drafting of initial Stock Purchase Agreements for incorporators

  • Assistance with required business licensing

  • Creation of federal EIN, if necessary

  • Gathering of documents for establishment of business checking account

  • Ongoing compliance memo


The discounted fee for the entire startup package is only $7,450.


* The Startup Package includes only attorneys’ fees & does not include government filing fees or other out-of-pocket costs.

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