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Michael Machat has 30 years experience helping clients build brands.

Machat represents brand owners, small distributors and start-ups in the wine and spirits industry calling upon his personal experience growing the Vampire wine brand and placing it into nationwide distribution, helping them negotiate distribution agreements and navigate trademark disputes.    He often litigates on behalf of brand owners and distributors.    His clients benefit from his personal experience in the trade in numerous ways, shortening the time it would take other attorneys to learn about the client's business to represent them effectively.


Most recently, he went to trial in San Jose representing the owner of a medium sized California distributor who was sued personally on an alter-ego theory.   Machat mounted an aggressive countersuit, winning $333,000 on a counterclaim in addition to winning the alter-ego trial, and the client was awarded attorneys fees of $160,000.


Machat has also sued various beverage companies for trademark infringement, commonly obtaining confidential settlements in the 6 and 7 figure digit range. 

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